If Your Dreams Do Not Scare You, They Are Not Big Enough”


For me fear is an interesting thing.  Too much of it can make me cower in a corner, trembling and sucking my thumb like a little baby.  It can make me cry in the darkness and even lost my appetite.  But it also can bring out the fighter side in me, little anxiety is good ahh,  stretching outside my comfort zone it can make me reach something that I really want but I’m not sure whether I can get it or not.

I always done something in my comfort zone, I never dare to step outside because I know it is scary as hell *serius gak lebay. And for that points even if the results are less I always feel satisfactory. And that’s the problem?  I don’t want to live without leaving any mark, at least for my family. I want to choose my own path, I dont wanna stay in my comfort zone. I have a tons of dreams and I want to achieve that dream. Yahh I have to climbing out but it is SCARY, once I step out I’ve to pass all the mountains and I’m not sure that it will really take me where I wanna go.  I’m sure it is really really really not easy to get it, it takes effort, and there is a constant risk that anytime I just may fail.

Yah there’s thousand possibilities that I may fail but if I never try than I’d never know. My environment change the way I thinks about my future,  I remember when last week I went to bb alone, I looked around looked and looked, the cars keep on moving, the road full of people, everyone was so busy. Then Why I still stuck here still thinking about what I will do when Im graduated?,I’ve to moving and stop thinking but it doesnt mean let it flow without any plan *notanymore. I’m going to focus to my plan, whatever people say I do dont care since this is my life iya kannn iyaa kannn

My plan is quite different with others plan. This further freeing myself to drive my business instead of working and just sitting in front of the computer *nahhhiwont . It will be fun learning something new but it is also challenging, and occasionally scary.  Will I be able to do this?  I believe I can, but there are more than a few butterflies in my stomach *bedarasasamajatuhcinta. I literally have to force myself to look at things differently. A jadi B . D jadi C gitu kali yahhhh hhiihihih


This change is scary but the fear belongs to my heart  and I can handle my heart :))

Let’s live lives that are worthy of us.  Let’s not just mark time existing 😀 😀 *doapalingkhusyuk *aminaminaminamin





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